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Australia鈥檚 Choice for Operating Theatre bet体育

At H.E Technical Services, we are aware of the specific lighting requirements for the medical, surgical and veterinary industry. Considering this, our proficient聽operating theatre lights suppliers聽provides you with the finest range of quality LED lights that are in compliance with the local Australian standards.聽LED Surgical Luminaires聽As operating theatre lights, also referred to as surgical luminaires are utilised by surgeons to illuminate operating sites to enable a clear view, light intensity (100K-160K Lux) is vital. Which is why we are a proud Australian agent of the聽Dr. MACH LED surgical luminaire, which provides a lens system that mixes various colour wavelengths before the light is emitted onto the operating site. Many competitors utilise multiple coloured LED operating lights that merge upon the operating field, however, this method can lead to colour shadowing or misinterpretations caused by rainbow effects.

Our range of聽operation theatre lights聽has been specifically designed for hospitals, emergency and veterinarian operating theatres and has been installed in the following

聽 across Australia:

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Catheterization Laboratories
  • Day Surgery
  • Resuscitation Room
  • Veterinary Use

Key Features and Uses of Operating bet体育:

  • Use聽鈥 Invasive procedures, typically those requiring general anaesthesia.
  • Light Intensity聽鈥 Operating lights require a high light output with our high end models producing up to approximately 100,000Lux to 160,000Lux @ 1m. Typically low end products emit approximately 100,000Lux, which is the equivalent of light on a bright summers day. Operating lights are used as pairs for deep cavity surgery.
  • Fail Safe Features聽鈥 A number of measures are incorporated into operating lights to decrease the risk of failure, which includes: